Opening Session of Midlantic Two-Year-Olds in Training Under Tack Show Will Begin at 10 AM Tomorrow

The first session of the Midlantic Two-Year-Olds in Training under tack show will begin at 10 AM tomorrow (Tuesday, May 14) at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, Maryland. The session was originally scheduled to begin at 8 AM. The delayed start will allow time for additional track maintenance necessitated by the rain over the weekend and into Monday.

The start time for the second and third under tack show sessions will be 8 AM on Wednesday and Thursday, May 15-16. Sale sessions will take place next Monday and Tuesday, May 20-21, with a start time of 11 AM.

Under tack show and sale sessions will be broadcast live at

For further information:
Evan Ferraro
(859) 255-1555