Graduate Year Sale(s) Race(s)
Ad Valorem 2006 The Saratoga Sale Queen Anne S. (G1)
Adieu 2006 The Gulfstream Sale
The Saratoga Sale
Delaware Oaks (G2)
Amorama (FR) 2006 The November Sale My Charmer H. (G3)
Angara (GB) 2006 The November Sale Diana H. (G1)
Appealing Zophie 2006 The Gulfstream Sale Spinaway S. (G1)
Around the Cape 2006 The Saratoga Sale Jaipur H. (G3)
Arson Squad 2006 The July Sale
The November Sale
Swaps S. (G2)
Aunt Henny 2006 The Gulfstream Sale Herecomesthebride S. (G3)
Ball Four 2006 The Saratoga Sale
New York Horses of Racing Age
Kentucky Cup Classic S. (G2)
Behaving Badly 2006 Midlantic May Two-Year-Olds in Training
New York Bred Yearlings
Kentucky October Yearlings
Santa Monica H. (G1)
Genuine Risk H. (G2)
Las Flores H. (G3)
Rancho Bernardo H. (G3)
Belgravia 2006 The Gulfstream Sale Hollywood Prevue S. (G3)
Better Talk Now 2006 Midlantic Fall Yearlings Dixie S. (G2)
Bishop Court Hill 2006 The Gulfstream Sale Carter H. (G1)
Gravesend H. (G3)
Bushfire 2006 Kentucky October Yearlings Ashland S. (G1)
Acorn S. (G1)
Mother Goose S. (G1)
Buzzards Bay 2006 July Selected Horses of Racing Age Oaklawn H. (G2)
All-American H. (G3)
Cotton Blossom 2006 The July Sale Schuylerville S. (G3)
David Junior 2006 The Gulfstream Sale Dubai Duty Free (G1)
Eclipse S. (G1)
Day Pass 2006 The July Sale Nashua S. (G3)
Dionisia 2006 Kentucky October Yearlings Premio Mario Incisa (G3)
Oaks d'Italia (G3)
Diplomat Lady 2006 The Gulfstream Sale Beaumont S. (G2)
Dixie Meister 2006 Texas Summer Yearlings Californian S. (G2)
Drum Major 2006 The July Sale Knickerbocker H. (G3)
Flashing Numbers 2006 Midlantic Fall Yearlings Grand Prix de Maisons-Lafitte (G2)
Fleet Indian 2006 New York Bred Yearlings Personal Ensign S. (G1)
Beldame S. (G1)
Delaware H. (G2)
Next Move H. (G3)
Sixty Sails H. (G3)
Foreverness 2006 Midlantic June Two-Year-Olds in Training Fort Marcy H. (G3)
Gulch Approval 2006 The Saratoga Sale Appleton H. (G3)
Henny Hughes 2006 The July Sale King's Bishop S. (G1)
Vosburgh S. (G1)
Jersey Shore S. (G3)
Hollywood Story 2006 The July Sale Vanity Invitational H. (G1)
Itty Bitty Pretty 2006 The Saratoga Sale Santa Ysabel S. (G3)
Jack Sullivan 2006 The Gulfstream Sale Al Maktoum Challenge Round 2 (G3)
Keyed Entry 2006 The July Sale Hutcheson S. (G2)
Kip Deville 2006 Midlantic May Two-Year-Olds in Training
Texas Summer Yearlings
Sir Beaufort S. (G3)
La Chunga 2006 The Gulfstream Sale
The July Sale
Summer S. (G3)
Magnificent Song 2006 The Saratoga Sale Garden City Breeders' Cup S. (G1)
Lake George S. (G3)
Magnolia Jackson 2006 Midlantic May Two-Year-Olds in Training Bed O' Roses Breeders' Cup H. (G2)
Major Success 2006 The Gulfstream Sale
The July Sale
Palos Verdes H. (G2)
Master Command 2006 The Saratoga Sale Meadowlands Breeders' Cup S. (G2)
William Donald Schaefer H. (G3)
Meadow Breeze 2006 The July Sale Matron S. (G1)
Miraculous Miss 2006 Midlantic May Two-Year-Olds in Training Forward Gal S. (G2)
Comely S. (G2)
Endine H. (G3)
Outperformance 2006 The Gulfstream Sale
Midlantic May Two-Year-Olds in Training
Hill Prince S. (G3)
Pomeroy 2006 The Gulfstream Sale Forego S. (G1)
Pool Land 2006 The Saratoga Sale Ruffian H. (G1)
Allaire du Pont Breeders' Cup Distaff S. (G3)
Praying for Cash 2006 The July Sale Long Branch Breeders' Cup S. (G3)
Prospective Saint 2006 Midlantic May Two-Year-Olds in Training Gardenia H. (G3)
Romance Is Diane 2006 The July Sale Hollywood Starlet S. (G1)
Saint Stephen 2006 The July Sale Native Diver H. (G3)
Sander Camillo 2006 The Gulfstream Sale
The July Sale
Cherry Hinto S. (G2)
Albany S. (G3)
Seafree 2006 Kentucky October Yearlings La Canada S. (G2)
Showing Up 2006 Midlantic May Two-Year-Olds in Training Secretariat S. (G1)
Hollywood Derby (G1)
Lexington S. (G2)
Jamaica Breeders' Cup H. (G2)
Silver Train 2006 The July Sale Metropolitan H. (G1)
Tom Fool H. (G2)
Snowdrops (GB) 2006 The Saratoga Sale Bayou Breeders' Cup H. (G3)
Somethinaboutlaura 2006 Kentucky Winter Mixed A Gleam Invitational H. (G2)
Songster 2006 The July Sale Woody Stephens Breeders' Cup S. (G2)
Hirsch Jacobs S. (G3)
Surf Cat 2006 Kentucky Winter Mixed
The July Sale
San Carlos H. (G2)
Portrero Grande Breeders' Cup H. (G2)
Mervyn LeRoy H. (G2)
Sweet Talker 2006 The November Sale Distaff H. (G3)
Tiger 2006 Midlantic May Two-Year-Olds in Training Bold Ruler H. (G3)
Tiz Wonderful 2006 The Gulfstream Sale Kentucky Jockey Club S. (G2)
Iroquois S. (G3)
Xchanger 2006 Midlantic May Two-Year-Olds in Training Sapling S. (G3)